Friday, April 13, 2012

shower gift

One of the teachers I work with is getting married so I made this for her as a bridal shower gift. First I got their engagement photos off of Facebook, pirate style. I used an old heart stencil on the picture of them with their doggy Diego. I'm so glad I saved all of my old stencils because they still come in handy every now and then.

The top half of the frame is matted with their wedding invitation. On the bottom half I used parts of her bridal shower invitation and a Jolee's sticker as embellishments. Since she's a teacher and they chalked their wedding date in the top photo I thought doodling on the bottom with a white marker would tie it all together nicely.


Megan Anderson said...

Love it!

I've pirated Facebook photos for gifts too. At least you know that they probably love the photos if they put them up there!

Rhubarb said...

Such a great gift, they will have it long after the toasters and towels are gone.