Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Project Life Week 20

I made these in June but have fallen way behind in sharing on my blog. Believe me when I tell you that I am still working on this Project and loving it!
The first page documents watching this season of Glee's penultimate episode, a student passing level Z on his timed tests, discovering the baby bird I'd been watching left its nest, learning how to make a Jeopardy game on my Smartboard, a date night with Corey, a trip to the bookstore, and watching The Preakness. I used arrows to help navigate the page. I usually try to put everything in sequence but the layout worked better out of order this week.

The bird was drawn by a student's brother and I love this Project for allowing me to store little things like that. I had fun using a technology type of handwriting for my Smartboard day. I love this Project for giving me a place to play and experiment with techniques I could potentially use in my scrapbook.

The next page documents getting to stay up late to watch Game of Thrones, a Memorial Day party where I met my friends new puppies, Boba and Jango, a teacher leaving a surprise in my box, an impromptu picnic on South Mountain with Corey and the pack, a collaboration day with my team at school, and a book club meeting to discuss Day of Honey at an amazing Iraqi restaurant.

I couldn't get a clear close-up picture of my collaboration's part of the bag that came with my lunch from Chipotle. I cut out red paper and placed it between the lines so I would have a place to journal. Reduce, reuse, recycle!

Taking a closer look, this day was made with a card I bought on clearance at the book store I visited that day. Super cute and easy! I signed my name at the bottom. I doubt I have my signature documented anywhere and it's something very personal to each of us. But I had to photoshop it out to share here in case someone devious wanted to sell my autograph for money. It's probably worth a lot.

I have a mustache necklace. Ever since I wore it to a meeting one of my colleagues has started leaving mustaches in my box at school. What else could I do with them except share them here?
Lots of t.v. documentation this week...I had to share this moment from Glee because it made me cry. I love that show!
I look forward to The Triple Crown every year, even though this time around my horses always took second.
This picture is from the previous episode of Game of Thrones, but it sums up a big moment in the episode we watched that night. I love this show too!
Can you see me taking a picture of it in the glare?

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Megan Anderson said...

Did you read that Jake and I watched two seasons of Game of Throne in two days? Yep, that happened. I'm reading the books now: almost done with the second one (sorry, Shakespeare).

I love that you document accomplishments from your students! So cool! You're also inspiring me to include more TV in my PL. If that's not a "sign of the times", what is?

Amy Lynne said...

Hi Nicole! I'm completely loving your PL pages...and your mustache love; they are so fun, and make me happy. ;) Thanks so much for being a follower, and for your really sweet comment. I'm super excited that you have family in Paola...what a small blog world, eh? I also enjoy your book love here, too. As you've probably read, I'm a librarian...and I adore books!
Thanks so so much for your kind comment, I really appreciate it!~Amy @ sparkling gnome