Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Michael Kors Similes

On episode 6 of Project Runway, Fix My Friend, designers had to do a makeover for a real woman. Michael Kors used a simile to describe how Fabio's client looked before. He said, "He had a client who was dressed like a lumberjack and designed a feminine dress that works for her." Go Lumberjacks!

This was the episode when I started hating Ven because he was so mean to his client. How dare anyone ask him to design a dress for someone bigger than a size 2! I thought it was pretty ironic considering he's a big guy himself. Then when his sister showed up in a later episode I thought she seemed about the same size as his client. I would love to know what his sister thought of his sizeist comments.

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auntangi said...

Ven is such a jerk! I was so happy when they sent him packing. And the color of that shirt is hideous!