Thursday, October 25, 2012

Michael Kors Similes

On episode 9 of Project Runway, It's All About Me, designers had to create their very own custom fabric. Michael Kors used a simile to describe Gunnar's jacket. "It looks like a sheet of bird postage stamps." I kind of liked it. I also liked that Gunnar called it his "Equestrian Bitch Look."
Bonus! Episode 10 got deleted before I wrote down the similes and metaphors of Michael Kors, so here's his hilarious comment about Sanji's pants: With that print if it wasn't right it would have looked like Pac Man was eating her crotch. But in fact it's kind of perfect!

P.S. The Somalian owl stamps came from here.

The Pac Man Food Pyramid is by Andrew Heath and I think it would look awesome in our kitchen.

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