Friday, October 26, 2012

quote of the week

Tuesday morning, during playground duty, I had an interesting conversation about getting married and having children with a group of students.

1st grade boy: If I had a kid I would sell it for $1000!

2nd grade boy: If I had a kid I would trade it for a German Shepherd!!

HA! I know the feeling!

SO I had to hunt down his teacher and share the conversation. After recounting the hilarity she said, Oh my god that kid is obsessed with German Shepherds!

Apparently that's all he can talk about, which made me laugh even more because I originally thought he was being random.

P.S. The photo above was taken right after we got Captain Skippyjon Jones in 2009. He's just finished taming my parents' German Shepherd puppies, Cesar and Milan.


Megan Anderson said...

That is too funny! I LOVE what little kids say about grown-up stuff.

yyam said... can be really entertaining with the stuff they say. I'm sure my nephews will trade me for a dinosaur any day!lol