Saturday, April 27, 2013

Project Life 2013 Week 1

I haven't been sharing my pages, but I'm still doing Project Life this year. In fact, I've almost completely switched over to this form of scrapbooking. I like it because I get more of our life documented and it's easy to keep up with. Although there are special kits (super cute, coordinated to help you organize) that you can buy, I'm trying to use the supplies I've been hoarding since I started scrapbooking in 1997 (!) and the paper things that infiltrate my life: newspapers, maps, brochures, junk mail, magazines, fliers, and cards. That's the way I like it because it makes my album more personal to us while saving money and reducing the amount of waste I contribute to the world.

I love looking at other people's Projects so I'll share mine for others out there like me. I'm only going to share some of my favorites this year since it takes a lot of time to photograph and post everything; last year I only got to post the first half of my album before the year ended.

Behold, week 1, not one of my favorites but the very beginning is a very good place to start.

This is the first week of the year, which I fit on the first page.

This shiny Happy 2013 is actually junk mail from Hallmark. Free and saved from the landfill.

I took Strega Nona to the vet (who couldn't believe how old and healthy she was) and got my hair did on this day. The paper I used was a page divider in the address book section of a card organizer I have. I only use the organizer part, so I tore out the address book section and saved the artwork for this Project. Free and saved from the landfill.

My friend Audrey is teaching me how to knit. I always like to take a picture of her with her knitting project, but I forgot this time so I got myself with the handle to my yoga mat bag that I completed! Now I'm working on the bag.

I used some scraps of scrapbook paper, a Degas sticker from an art exhibit I went to 10ish years ago and never scrapbooked, and a cow pizza sticker that I would probably never use in a traditional scrapbook page. I feel like I can make some of those old, out of fashion supplies make sense in this Project. I used the Degas sticker to document a day I spent reading The Painted Girls and the pizza cow sticker to memorialize a trip to Pizza Hut.

Now I'm finally on Spring Break so I can get caught up on my Project and work on sharing more of my pages. Thanks for looking and please feel free to leave a link to your Project in my comments!

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