Sunday, April 28, 2013

Project Life January

This week documents the weekend, beginning with meeting with my book club to discuss The Casual Vacancy on Friday. We had a great discussion about children living in poverty.

This year I've been arranging my album differently. Last year was almost strictly one slot for each day. Now I skip days I don't have pictures or ephemera for, and use the extra spaces to show more than one photo for days that have more visual interest. I'm also trying to use 1 page front and back per week to give myself a little more room for those types of days.

So for Sunday I used 4 slots to share the story of finally putting all the Christmas shit away. I started a tradition of putting on the movies that were given to us while I put it all away. This year one I watched was The Avengers. It came with one of those paper sleeves so I cut that up to share in my Project. Free and saved from the landfill.

This page documents lunch with friends from Oregon, a thank you note from our friends Erin and Tina, a thank you note from a former student that moved away that day (names covered with new clothespins from Target), a drawing from a current student (and amazing artist) who loves Dragon Ball Z, and a pack walk.

I save all my cards but they always go in a shoe box. Now I have a way to save them while also being able to access them more readily. Also the stamp wasn't cancelled by the post office so I included that as well.

The chihuahua on the pack walk portion is from a magazine ad for dog food. I stamped it with paint and saved it from the landfill. Great way to track the progress of a resolution.

That's my week. If you enjoyed looking at mine, here are some of my favorite Project Lifers out there that inspire me:

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...and my friend Angi. Album only available for viewing in real life.


auntangi said...

You know I love it when you give me props on your blog. And just so we are clear, you're Project Life inspires me every time I look at it! I have started saving cards and other ephemera and using it in the project. I would never have done that if not for you :)

Kat said...

love how your pl is coming along! thanks so much for the honorable mention :-)