Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Michael Kors Similes

Episode 11 (A Look in the Line)
Michael Kors said a designer's work this week was, "Like a bowl of sawdust." Imagine wearing those clothes on a windy day!

He also used a simile on the designer I hoped would go home, Gretchen!
"These particular bike shorts look like her thighs were eating them! I mean they were crazy!"

And finally, a metaphor this week which inspired the selection of the sad-faced pirate girl picture above...

"This is not a smiley face dress. This is a sad face."

Who's your favorite designer? I'm rooting for Mondo and April.

P.S. Broken Dawn is by Art&Ghosts.


lisa :) said...

I hope it's Mondo, April, and Andy for fashion week. And I'm getting really sick of Gretchen and wished she had been sent home too. She's a decent designer but she is waaaaay too full of herself. Since the very beginning she's had a weird sense of entitlement about winning. Confidence is one thing, but she hasn't won a challenge since early on and some of the others on the show are majorly out-designing her.

Captain Nick Sparrow said...

I like Andy too!

I know it may just be editing, but Gretchen always has a comment about everyone's designs and it gets on my nerves! I'm waiting for someone to say, Who asked you?!