Monday, October 18, 2010

a scary story for October

As we were leaving today...

Student 1: I'm scared of her brother!

Student 2: Yeah, she's scared of my brother!

Me: Why is she scared of your brother?

Student 2: Because he has a tooth like a hippo!

P.S. The hippo with scary teeth picture is by Shuichi Nakano and I found it here.


Rhubarb said...


Luvvie said...

Such a scary picture!! You are amazing the way you find these things...honestly do you do you google hippo teeth????? Et voila! You get this????

Captain Nick Sparrow said...

Often when I come across pictures I like I just save them until something related comes up and I can use it. I use google and etsy if I'm looking for something I don't have. In this case I used a picture from the same artist a few weeks ago and remembered he had a hippo one too!