Saturday, October 16, 2010


On Tuesday I got to scrapbook with my friend Angi. I had to bring the dogs because her boyfriend misses Captain Skippyjon Jones, which makes me feel good and deems him a keeper all at once. Her cats hid even though they are bigger than the dogs.

She made 6 pages, and I made 1. That's how it usually goes; she has 3 pages done and I'm still deciding between lime green or blue cardstock!

The page I made is from our trip to the Chautauqua Book Store a few years ago. Makes me miss Amy & Tito:

P.S. Cut, glue, make memories! is by Elsie Flannigan.


Arcadiandj said...

Got to Love the Captain (unless you are Gertie and Elliott)!

Captain Nick Sparrow said...

You got it to work!!!

auntangi said...

That first one was Dan...but now I figured it out too! I am officially a "follower" : )

Captain Nick Sparrow said...

Sweet! I feel doubly loved.