Thursday, January 27, 2011

silver and gold

I was too tired to do my silver and gold day on Friday, so I will wrap up my Winter Colors Week today.

And how appropriate.

In the midst of throwing myself a pity party about the new student I got today (who punched a girl in the stomach, threw blocks in someone's face, and was generally disrespectful) I decided to get the mail for the first time all week. Among the junk I found 3 packages: one from my fabulous sister-in-law, one from our friends in Oregon, and one from a woman in Australia who sent me a RAK prize for a scrapbook page I made. As I opened each one my spirits were lifted higher and higher, and I felt once again I could return to my classroom to deal with my incredibly fragile, incredibly loving, and incredibly needy group of students.

Thank you to my silver and gold friends for lifting me up after (another) trying day!

P.S. Lasso Me the Moon is by mkendall.

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Avid Reader said...

I really love this image. It makes me think of It's a Wonderful Life, when George Bailey says he'll lasso the moon for Mary. Isn't it wonderful how real mail can just make your day! I hope your weekend is better than your week.