Sunday, May 8, 2011

first Saturday of May

The first Saturday of May is National Scrapbook Day and the Kentucky Derby. I decided to combine the two so I brought the card table into the living room.

That's the winner, Animal Kingdom. Too bad his original jockey got hurt before the race -- he could have been a part of history!

Remember when we went to see the Pauson House? We also got to go on a tour of Taliesin West and I picked up a Frank Lloyd Wright glass design stencil to use on my scrapbook pages. During the tour I learned that the architects in training there only sharpen their pencils with pen knives. So I used a pencil to trace the stencil onto my layout. I also learned that Mr. Wright liked expansion and compression, so throughout the Taliesin West house we were bending down and straightening up. I tried to line up my photos on top in a bending down and standing up pattern.

I used letter stickers that looked like burnt wood for the title. Morbid, I know.

The first Saturday of May is also Free Comic Book Day, but I didn't have time to fit in a trip to the comic book store with everything else going on!

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