Wednesday, May 11, 2011

There's a duck in my pool!

Tonight as I was cleaning up dog poop in the backyard I heard a duck quacking. Two ducks have been using the airspace above our backyard for the last few months so I started looking for them. Suddenly a black duck, not from the pair I know, came flapping down and landed in our pool!!! It swam around enjoying the new water we recently put in. Captain just sat there looking at it while Caprica trotted around the pool trying to figure out how to get to it without getting in the water. I started laughing and it flew off as quickly as it landed.

It made me think of To Market, To Market by Anne Miranda, illustrated by Janet Stevens. As part of our reading program I've been reading it to my class twice a week for the past month or two. I love the illustrations, part photograph, part drawing.

My favorite illustration is when the lamb is in the dishwasher, but the duck in my pool made me think of the part where the woman shouts, "There's a duck on my head!" I often tell my class that you know you're having a bad day when there's a duck on your head.

They like when we get to the end and she makes soup instead of slaughtering the animals she bought from the market. I have a big pot and beany-baby-esque vegetables so we can make the soup with the lady.

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