Monday, May 9, 2011

Regular Couponing

I started watching Extreme Couponing last month and now I can't stop myself. This show combines many of my favorite t.v. elements: reality, addiction, hoarding, and shopping!

For those of you who have never seen the show, basically it follows Extreme Couponers as they clip thousands of coupons, go to the grocery store, fill up tons of grocery carts, ring up hundreds of dollars worth of groceries, freeze up the cash register with their coupons, and pay a few bucks in the end. It's impressive and crazy at the same time!

Although you will never find me dumpster diving for coupons or stealing people's newspapers, the show has inspired me nonetheless. We already get the paper twice a week, so I decided to clip coupons for one month and see how much I could save too. I only clipped coupons for things we already buy and we only bought things we were going to anyway, and I saved $75.93!!! T.V. is not only for evil!


stephanie said...

I was in line once behind a mother and daughter who had rung up something like 300 dollars worth of groceries and then gave the lady a bunch of coupons and only paid ten bucks. I was so annoyed because it took her forever to unload the cart, forever for the cashier to scan the coupons, but that annoyance turned to amazement in about two seconds when she only paid 10 bucks.

auntangi said...

I bow down to your couponing ability : ) And I too, LOVE that show...and watch it regularly on the road.