Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Big Miracle by Tom Rose

I bet you didn't know that the Industrial Revolution actually helped the environment. It honestly says in this book, "The benefits of industrialization far outweighed its costs and not just to humans but also to the environment." To the environment! After reading that, how could I take anything else Tom Rose said in this book seriously?

I thought this would be the story of people trying to help three trapped whales, but in the 45 pages I read before throwing this book down for good I read instead about the author's political biases. For instance, he complains about a government run t.v. station not loaning out their cameras to taxpayers. I happen to know of a privately owned t.v. station that won't loan their $30,000 t.v. cameras to people off the street either, and in fact, they won't even loan them to their photographers. Corey equated it to pulling in to our local air force base and demanding they loan us one of their fighter jets. We're taxpayers!

The constant and random digs against the government were an annoying distraction. Big Miracle was more like a Big Waste of My Time.

And now the dilemma is...do I go see the movie? I love Drew Barrymore and I even remember this story in the news when I was a kid. But I also don't want any of my money going to a man who believes whales being hunted almost to extinction was good for them.

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auntangi said...

WOW! They are clearly playing down his politics in the previews, because I almost had Dan convinced we should see it after watching the preview before 'The Iron Lady'. I am with you, I really don't want to give him anymore money. Thanks for keeping me information Nicole!