Friday, January 6, 2012

how I get crazy on a friday night

I just watched this rerun of Glee while cleaning Strega Nona's cage. I love this episode -- it makes me want to listen to Fleetwood Mac nonstop.

Speaking of which, when I went to the Avett Brothers concert in October, I took a picture of this guy standing in front of my friend Stephanie and I:

How rad is that?

And here is a gratuitous cute picture of us:

P.S. The Rumours/Glee picture came from gothamist.

P.P.S. Next I'm going to watch Project Runway All-Stars! EEK!!


stephanie said...

Do you know what I just realized? Mick Fleetwood has two balls hanging off...his shirt, his vest? whatever that thing is. How odd.

Captain Nick Sparrow said...

I didn't even notice that!!! 70s fashion.