Monday, February 20, 2012

Nerd Nest February Challenge

Nerd Nest's first monthly challenge is to finished an abandoned project. When I read that I was definitely ready to get on board. As I said on their blog, if I had a nickel for every unfinished/never started project I would have, like, $5!!

My first never started project: knitting a yoga mat bag.

This is my friend Audrey. She knows how to knit. I bought a "knit your own yoga mat bag" kit about 4 years ago when I first started learning to knit. Then I stopped knitting but held on to the kit anyway. I asked her if she would teach me how to do it and she agreed. We shared a pitcher of Blue Moon and knit. I had an oddly relaxing time! Even thought I'm not done knitting it yet I'm counting it for this challenge because I finally got off my ass and started it. And I know I'll finish it because I like her and it's fun to knit when you drink beer also.

My second accomplishment: putting away the Christmas tree and decorations!

I know it's February. But I got it done. We just really enjoy those Christmas lights.

My third/fourth accomplishments: moving Harry the crab to the kitchen bar and refurbishing my childhood dollhouse to display photos on my dresser.

It's so much better having Harry on the bar. It's easier to watch him and he even seems more active.


Remember those stamps from the record clubs? I put them all over the walls of my dollhouse as a kid, you know, to mimic posters. After I peeled them off for my refurbish they left yellow squares everywhere. Nothing a couple coats of acrylic paint can't fix.


I played with this dollhouse until I was about 16 so when I saw other bloggers using thrifted dollhouses as decoration I got the idea to use mine to display photos and knick knacks.
For now I have some of my old furniture and toys in there, along with some of my newer toys. Corey added C3PO and I told him he's the first boy to play with my dollhouse.
I have some frames in there but my goal is to have a photo that corresponds with each room displayed. For example, right now I have a picture of Jakey making Christmas cookies in the kitchen.

Thank you Nerd Nest for helping me complete these 4 challenges. Let's see how many more I can do before the month ends!


stephanie said...

The dollhouse is awesome. I never had one. :( My friend had one, and I used to go to her house and just stare at it.

My stepmom gave me a faux dollhouse once. She'd had it and didn't want it, but there were no dolls in it and it wasn't really something you play with, just decoration. Basically, you would just open the back of it up and you could hide stuff in there. My friend Charles used to like hanging out in there.

auntangi said...

So awesome...I need a challenge like that! And you are in good company because, as you might have noticed, our Christmas cards are still up. My goal is to have them down by March : )

auntangi said...

At your Halloween party Audrey told me about a super awesome knitting website. I can't remember the name. Can you ask her for me?

Megan Anderson said...

You blew my one project out of the water! And I'm not even done yet - hah!

Make sure to link up this post at the end of the month :)