Monday, February 20, 2012

Project Life: Week 1

I have added an extra bit of craftiness to my life agenda. For a long time I've contemplated keeping an art journal. Then I got an email advertising a new fad called Smash Booking which is more ephemera based. Finally I saw Project Life on Nerd Nest and in Scrapbooks Etc. magazine and decided I could combine all those elements into one project.

Basically Project Life is a mini-scrapbook page for each day of the year. There are specific brand name Project Life products, but I have so many scrapbook supplies I didn't buy any. All I had to buy to get started was a 3 ring binder and some page protectors with slots.

I didn't get started until the middle of January so I've missed a few days here and there but now I'm on a roll. I got a grant to buy Play-Doh for my class and am required to take photos for the money providers in turn. I've taken some super cute photos but I need to cover the kids faces on my blog. Too bad. I really hadn't planned to share these pages on my blog anyway because it's sometimes a little more personal than scrapbook pages, but Nerd Nest has inspired me so maybe I will inspire someone else in turn.

Here in Week 1 I have documented New Year's Day, dog walks, t.v. viewing, Play-Doh spelling, and a funeral we attended for our friend's mom. I would really only normally scrapbook New Year's Day (which I already have) so it's nice to have a place to document the little things.

The name "Project Life" is a little too close to "Pro-Life" for my taste, being a Pro-Choicer. I tried calling it "Project Scrapbook" and "Project Journal" but in the end Project Life really is the most accurate description as it captures more

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Megan Anderson said...

I love your pages!

I'm with you - Project Life sounds kind of lame, but it's really the only thing that fits. I'm just all about the ease of scrapping everyday moments that never would have otherwise been recorded.