Thursday, February 16, 2012

Prophet's Prey by Sam Brower

When someone says "organized crime" I picture fedora hats, Italian food, and Tommy Guns. What I don't picture is pedophilia, rape, polygamy, and religious cults. Sam Brower opened my eyes to the story of Warren Jeffs, cult leader and organized crime boss.

This book holds so many repulsive tales of what Jeffs did to the members of his Fundamentalist Latter-Day Saints cult, centered in the Utah/Arizona border town, Colorado City. One thing he did to test their faith was tell them he had a vision that dogs were evil, and everyone had to get rid of their dogs by a certain date. After that date he had church members begin by killing all the strays in town. Then they proceeded to go door to door, demanding anyone who still had a dog to hand it over. After that they took the dogs out of town and started shooting them. Deciding that shooting them was too loud, they electrocuted the rest to death with a car battery.

The horrifying thing is that Warren Jeffs treated the dogs better than the members of his cult. At least the dogs had a chance to get away.

This story counts as Non-Fiction for my Eclectic Reader Challenge.

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