Friday, April 9, 2010

Arcadia Falls

I feel so lucky to continue to get Early Reviewer books through LibraryThing. Usually they are books I would probably never go out and buy on my own, and then almost always wind up going above my expectations.

"Arcadia Falls" is my seventh Early Reviewer. Not only is it a clever mystery, but it's a mystery wrapped in an enigma! This story had me guessing all the way to the end, despite the author's clever use of foreshadowing. The details were what really made this book enjoyable to me: paganism, lesbian love affairs, fairy tales, and bohemianism appealed to my liberal sensibilities. I would definitely read another book by Carol Goodman.

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kpaul86 said...

That's cool about your Early Reviewer-ship! No wonder you find so many cool books!

Oh and was curious who you were quoting (or re-quoting) when you said the book was "...a mystery wrapped in an enigma!"

That happens to be one of my favorite quotes so I wanna know where you know it from! LOL