Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy(ish) Earth Day!

I did my annual trashing of the classroom today but it didn't quite go as well as last year, due to the spring-breakless-non-functioning-brains of my students.
First when they got back in the class someone screamed at the top of their lungs. The kids started frantically scooping up the crumpled papers (good) but then one of them started cramming them in the garbage can (bad). Then two boys started chasing, battering, and wrestling each other over a catalog (worse), and another boy started ransacking the class library (get me out of here).
They did better when we picked up trash off the playground. Some of my students from last year happened to be out there and helped out too (much better).

1 more day until spring break...wish me luck.

P.S. Hello Spring is by Cathy Nichols.

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Rhubarb said...

Oh no! I bet you are having a great weekend though! Thanks for my Earth Day gift! We planted our second try at a tree.