Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Avett Brothers rock!

Last night my friend Stephanie and I went to see The Avett Brothers, which are a folk/rock band. The first time we heard of them was when they opened for Dave Matthews last year and we've been fans ever since. Last night they got to headline!
We decided to meet beforehand for dinner and drinks. As we walked around Historic Downtown Mesa, I was surprised to come across this American Gothic sculpture. It was a little weird to see it in 3-D and giant-size at that.

After dinner we went to a bar for some drinks. We saw a guy that looks like Andy from The Office. Stephanie was excited to see they served absinthe since she's writing about an absinthe expert in her book and she had never tried it. It's not the best taste but it makes you feel good.

We got to Ikeda Theater and discovered being in the third row meant we could almost touch the stage!

Truth and Salvage Co. opened and I was a little nervous from the name that they would be a Christian band. But their first song was about reefer which gave me much relief. I really dug their music and joked to Stephanie that maybe next year we'd see them headline somewhere.

The Avett Brothers are super talented and musical! Not only can they sing, but they each played at least 3 different instruments during the show. Here's Seth on keyboard:

Here's Scott (he's got a big voice) strumming the guitar:

Now Scott on banjo and Seth on guitar:

The hottie bass player is Bob Crawford, not a brother:

The cellist is Joe Kwon. He played the cello like a madman and was blurry in real life too:

They played for 2 hours and did "I and Love and You" for the encore. And don't worry. Just like every other concert I've been too there was that token guy who has to prove intensely that he's the number one fan there.

As we filed out we saw Andy again. We also overheard a girl telling others how she's the only one of her friends who knows who The Avett Brothers are and she can't believe she's the only one who knows The Avett Brothers songs. But she kept mispronouncing their name so Stephanie and I had a good giggle about that. (It's long A, not short a).

It was probably one of the best concerts I've been too. If you haven't heard their music you can check out my favorite video of theirs here:

They did not sing St. Joseph's at the concert though.


Avid Reader said...

Love love love them and they are so good live. I saw them in February. Seriously though, why is there always that guy screaming "You guys rock!" over the top of the songs at every concert?

stephanie said...


At least those girls in the bathroom carried through with their promise to dance through every song. EVERY song.

My other favorite part was when we considered loitering outside their bus but turned on our heels when we saw all the crazy people loitering first.

Anonymous said...

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Rhubarb said...

Is that chinese porn left as a comment?

Captain Nick Sparrow said...

Yes, I think it's a sign you've really made it as a blogger when you get porn for comments. But I think it's Japanese.