Thursday, April 1, 2010

my little joke

I learned my lesson from last year. This morning I told my class that April Fools' Day is tomorrow, and that's why we have it off...sparing myself 6 hours of the worst April Fools' jokes you've ever heard. My friend from the class next door had the idea. I told my class right before we went home that today is actually April Fools' Day, and they laughed. Then I was bombarded with, "There's a mouse over there! April Fools! You're wearing a skirt! April Fools! Someone's in our garden! April Fools!" for the next 5 minutes.

Google's joke actually got me for a whole minute or so. There's nowhere to go but up after, "You're wearing a skirt!"

P.S. "Today is what day?" is from Comesmart.

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stephanie said...

We had Devin overnight on Wednesday and all day Thursday she's say things like, "There's poop in the corner! Just kidding!"