Monday, November 14, 2011


After school today 2 of my books club buddies, Alana and Katie, told me to come to their offices because they had a dog for me. Yeah, right! They couldn't catch it so I decided to help them out.

I found a teensy chihuahua puppy shivering in the dead end alley which makes up their offices. When I tried to pet it I got a growl, so I went into the Cesar Milan sideways squat approach until I finally got to pick it up. I noticed it needed a nail trim and it was a boy. Katie said he looks like a bat and named him Bat. We tied a bow around his neck and tried to pawn him off on everyone still on campus. No luck. It was too late to call Animal Control so I thought we could ask our friends if they wanted him and if not I could call Animal Control tomorrow. I decided to bring him to my vet to see if he was microchipped.

The tech scanned him and found no microchip, and also informed me that he was a girl in heat! Discovery number 2: she's not a puppy but a fully grown adult! And she has a hernia (the painless kind) and her nails on her back paws were so long they were digging into the bottoms of her paw pads. The tech trimmed them because she felt so bad for her and wished me luck finding her a home.

Introductions to Captain Skippyjon Jones and Caprica Six went very smoothly. Caprica didn't even growl once! Maybe because Bat was so tiny she didn't feel insecure. Hard to imagine but our dogs look like giants next to her.

Corey and I have been texting all night and he's almost made up his mind to keep her sight unseen. Looks like we may have a new member of our pack.

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