Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Michael Kors Similes

Episode 12 (Finale Challenge)
It's the designers last chance to show the judges why they deserve to show a collection during New York Fashion Week at Bryant Park, i.e. It's Michael Kors second to last chance to describe designers outfits with similes.


This thing is like you tried to tailor a coat out of an orange paper towel. It's like the souflee collapsed. It's kind of disco Halloween.


(re: gown on left)
The gown could have been interesting but she looks like a fence walking.

(re: dress on right)
And then all of a sudden, what's her specialty is her flowy dress and it looks like a pillowcase.

I was so sad that she got eliminated since showing at Bryant Park was her childhood dream.

Josh earned a description of himself with a simile!

I think you're a little bit of like a Magpie where the glitter and the shine is really turning you on.

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