Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Once Corey got home and held this little dog he fell in love. He said, "'Looks like we've picked up another pathetic life form.'"

Since my school is not in the nicest neighborhood there are always strays running around. Most of the teachers have taken home dogs that we've caught on campus, a phenomenon known as "Crockett Dog." I've been at my school for 8 years and I've held out, but now I have my own.

Right now her name is Stellaluna, going with the bat theme and naming our pets after children's books. She has the bark of a big dog and loves following Corey and I around with her tail wagging. I think she weighs less than Strega Nona.


stephanie said...

OOH! YAY! That second picture is precious. How are the others reacting to her?

Captain Nick Sparrow said...

They are getting along but aren't officially a pack. Last night they started phase 1 of play time. Cute!

auntangi said...

Congratulations! Can't wait to meet her!

Arcadiandj said...

What a precious and beautiful being:)