Sunday, November 6, 2011

Michael Kors Metaphors

Episode 9 (Image is Everything)
In this challenge designers were asked to create a new look for the band, The Sheepdogs. The band has a 70s rock sound, so designers were inspired to take the worst of 70s fashion and force these kind men to wear it.

Let the metaphors fly, Michael Kors.


I think it looks like he cut himself shaving. It's a little Sweeney Todd tie-dye.


I think he's like Reggae Jesus. He looks like he's got a suede lobster bib on. It's like a Brady Bunch dashiki. I don't know what else to say.

(after 3 consecutive similes I can understand why)

Anthony Ryan

It's kind of like a Golden Girl goes rock and roll moment. I mean he's literally missing a shoulder bag.


I think he looks like Peter Brady at an Autumn Harvest. It's a bowling shirt.

(note to future designers: never combine orange and brown or you will receive the dread Autumn Harvest comment)

And finally Viktor earned a simile as a compliment!

This is kind of like Mad Max meets Woodstock.

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