Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dead Money by Steve O'Brien

Dead Money is a mystery centered around the Kentucky Oaks, the big filly race the day before the Kentucky Derby. Dan Morgan is a lawyer and the owner of Aly Dancer, a filly who has the potential to win it. He receives an offer to buy his filly but the buyer becomes menacing when he refuses to sell. Then his trainer "commits suicide" and Dan has a mystery to solve.

I thought the story was a little choppy in the beginning. One detail that bothered me was when Dan, a man who has owned racehorses for years, asks his friend Lennie to explain the handicapping (betting) system to him. I thought that it was nice of the author to include that information for the reader who doesn't know, but I had a difficult time believing someone who has been around horse racing doesn't understand it. Maybe Mr. O'Brien could have thought of a more creative way to get that information to us.

By the end of the book the story improved and I couldn't wait to see how it ended. A fun book to read around Triple Crown time.

P.S. One of my 2 favorites won the Kentucky Oaks this year, Princess of Sylmar!

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