Thursday, May 2, 2013

Project Life February

This is the weekend side of one of my pages. The Superbowl picture came from the newspaper (free and saved from the landfill!).

I finished reading an amazing book called Satchmo: The Wonderful World and Art of Louis Armstrong by Steven Brower. Did you know he used to make collages and scrapbook?! The picture I used of Louis is a greeting card.

Using the Nerd Nest's Photoshop help I printed the cover of a book I bought online with a gift card. Gift card included with print out of book cover and journaling.

We also walked the dogs with our friends and their giant puppies. Stickers are from Angi.

Almost revealed my secret pirate lair address, then took another picture with an arrow clothespin covering it. I used this Netflix envelope piece to demonstrate how long we held onto this's a Christmas envelope and we watched it in February. Oops. I read 1408, a short story by Stephen King which is super scary, before watching the movie. We liked the movie until the cheesy twist which is when Corey left to play video games. I wish the movie had stayed true to the story. And the Netflix envelope was free and saved from the landfill.

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