Friday, May 10, 2013

Project Life February continued

Here's another page I really like. It only covers 3 days of the week but it's chock full of information.

Here's a bit of Arizona humor (but Corey and I may be the only ones who find me funny). Corey did a story about the border and texted me these 2 pics while he was away. When the story aired I laughed at the wacky Is the border secure? graphic the station added for hype. Thinking of that graphic while looking at the 2 pics he sent of a giant fence and some cows I feel like we have our answer.

This shows another reason why I've switched to a Project Life style of scrapbooking. I had an incredible dream that I was riding my old horse Thunder through these crowds of people in a stadium. I was looking for the staging area of a parade we were supposed to be in. Just like when I used to ride her in the old days, people kept admiring her and giving me compliments about her. This gave me an excuse to dig out an old picture of us in a parade that never got scrapbooked. I get to include my dearly missed friend in a scrapbook while documenting a dream, and I also scanned the picture before including it.

I love Chipotle and they put your food in the best bags. Now I have a great factoid about the earth while saving a piece of the bag from the landfill (although I recycled the rest). Is anyone getting sick of me saying "Free and saved from the landfill" yet? When I tell people I love scrapbooking they almost always say, "It's so expensive!" I just want to point out that it doesn't have to be. You can find materials to use all around you. The important thing is getting your memories documented.

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Megan Anderson said...

Love your "free and saved from a landfill"! That should be your scrapbooking tagline :)