Sunday, June 30, 2013

tom boys

This month Child's Play Challenges asked scrapbookers to use the Radio Flyer wagon as inspiration.
That sent me on a photo hunt. I knew that with all the pictures of me playing outside as a kid, there had to be one with my wagon. Surprisingly I only came across 1 picture with my wagon, but it was enough to get a fun scrapbook page started. (It's the top picture and the wagon is on the left side.)
This is my childhood friend Missy. When I look at these pictures I think of the things we did together, like play with cars, ride bikes/trikes, dig in the dirt, ride my pony, build forts, and of course, haul things around in my wagon. I dug out a mini-book kit from K&Company called Danny O, and used the sheet of push car stickers. I changed an "all boy" sticker from the kit to "tom boys" with my alphabet stickers.

I chose red as my dominant color because of the wagon and our clothes. I like the red paper with the swirls because it's faded like our little barn there in the back. I almost used it as the full page background but it seemed a little sad in a larger amount, and sadness is definitely not what I feel when looking at these pictures.

Another thing I would like to note is the photos themselves. Often in scrapbook magazines they tell you to never use an original old photo on your scrapbook page unless you can remove it, the idea being that it can be destroyed if you ever wanted to take it out. I myself prefer using my originals when I can, but I always scan and save my originals before using them just to be safe. I have 12 boxes of photos and they never get looked at. I like to pull the pictures out of the boxes and put them on display. Some people like collecting antiques, but I think antique photos are cool. And as a little gift to myself in the future, when I pull a picture from a box I leave a card in its place with where the photo is saved on my computer. That way if I need another copy I know where to find it quickly.

P.S. Child's Play Challenges is looking for new members of their Design Team, but hurry! You need to apply in the next 4 hours! Details can be found here.

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karenw said...

Such a fun Lo - and great memories - love scrapping old photos. Man - what a great childhood!

Thanks for playing with us at Child's Play. x