Thursday, August 18, 2011

June Bug

It's From Screen to Scrap!'s 2nd birthday so they have asked we use the movie poster from Children on Their Birthdays as our inspiration. As an added challenge we are to use a blue and white background, photos of children celebrating their birthdays, and an umbrella.

Jakey's birthday is right after Corey's so the timing worked out nicely. The blue and white pp I had didn't look right with these pictures so I had to settle for a blue background. I selected a white number sticker to add some white in. I used a sticker featuring a bug carrying an umbrella. It's hard to see but it's next to the "Cute as a Bug!" sticker.

I made this at my friend Angi's house last night while she made several Grease scrapbook pages for her friend who works in theatre in New York City. Next up is Hair.

For some reason I can't get the link to work so if you want to go to From Screen to Scrap!'s website it's here:

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auntangi said...

The page looks great...and it was so wonderful seeing you!