Tuesday, August 2, 2011

summertime scrappin

This is the last of my summertime scrappin. My goal was to make 35 scrapbook pages since I had 37 days off, but I only made it to 21. I'm still pretty pleased with the number. I also did a mega organize in my scrapbook room which will make it easier for me to walk in there and work with less time now that I'm back to school.

I meant to make this page in June for the ARTastic challenge but I didn't get around to it before the deadline.

I scrapped some more of our hike while I was reading On the Road. This amazing quote about clouds combined with coming across these photos inspired me.

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Chantal Vandenberg said...

Awesome work! Love your unique style and your lettering rocks! Hey about FS2S's birthday celebrations - they close the same time as the normal monthly challenge too - so you were right on the money with your guess! :D