Thursday, August 4, 2011

Project Runway

Project Runway is back on which means I'm back with Michael Kors Similes & Metaphors! Right out of the gate Michael Kors did not disappoint with his creatively harsh assessments.

"She's wearing, like, a Flintstone disco pouch."

"It's an odd angle for a pocket. Might be a, a very 'I like myself' kind of pocket. It's like, 'Hi!'"

"Excuse me. It looks like she went out to eat, she ate too much and had to unsnap her shirt!"

Did anyone else think Heidi was drunk at the beginning of the episode?!

P.S. Dino is by Richard Mullins.

1 comment:

auntangi said...

I am finally caught up on episodes, yey! And I think Heidi is drunk pretty much all of the time.