Thursday, March 15, 2012

Last night I got in trouble at the museum.

I went with my friend Alana to see the Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit and listen to a lecture about how he was inspired by Japanese art. During the lecture we learned that not only did the museum have Mr. Wright's blue prints and sketches on display, but they also had some of the Japanese art he collected. We ran into my friend Rood from LibraryThing who gave me tickets to Taliesin West last year. After chatting we looked at the textiles and screens from Mr. Wright's collection together. Pretty cool. Some of the textiles were from the 17th century.

Rood left and Alana and I went back to finish looking at the blue prints and Broadacre City, FLW's futuristic city design which would alleviate traffic issues. As we were leaving I saw this sign and had to get a picture:

I just thought the wording was funny. I guess you can't call it a rest area because we associate that with something else.

Anyway, I thought taking a picture of something that was not part of the exhibit would be ok but I was still accosted by a woman working there. She was mildly placated when I apologized and showed her the pictures, which obviously weren't of any of Mr. Wright's designs.

My grandma told me once she set off an alarm at a museum leaning in too close to a painting to look at the brush strokes. I guess I take after her with my unintentional museum mischief.

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auntangi said...

I got in trouble once for leaning in too close at a puppet display...twice.