Monday, March 5, 2012

Project Life: Week 7

This "week" only chronicles 4 days, since I used 2 spaces on Valentine's Day (the school half and the Corey half), and 1 space for a cute title I got from Hallmark junk mail.

You see Valentine's Eve (treat bag stuffing), a photo of a mountain of junk food on a student's desk after our Valentine's party with journaling on a Valentine a student gave me, an insert from the box of candy Corey got me with journaling about our night together (I was sick!), Play-Doh spelling (one student went 3-D for the first time), and a night Corey surprised me by leaving dinner in the fridge. He's a keeper!

Here is Nerd Nest's Week 7.

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Megan Anderson said...

Love it! Sometimes my "weeks" only really focus on one or two days. I'm all about just rolling with what feels right :)