Friday, March 16, 2012

Taliesin West

Inspired by the lecture at the museum and Nerd Nest's challenge to finish an abandoned project, today I finished my scrapbook pages from our trip to Taliesin West last April.
These pages have been done for almost a year except for the journaling and title:

The book I read about The Pauson House is cool because you get to read the correspondence between Frank Lloyd Wright and Rose Pauson. I wanted to use that idea in my pages since that book brought Rood and I together, so I printed the online conversation between us coordinating our meet up to get tickets.

I made these 2 pages completely today. Photographs were not allowed in most rooms so I supplemented my scrapbook pages with pictures from the brochure and post cards.

I covered our phone numbers with a pencil so all of my blog super fans don't overwhelm me with phone calls.

I only added hand-stamped photo corners as embellishments. I was trying to keep my pages really steam lined, a la Frank Lloyd Wright.

Now I have finished 7 abandoned/never started projects. Thank you Nerd Nest!


auntangi said...

Hey, I know that stamp you used on the photo corners : )

Captain Nick Sparrow said...

Someone very special gave it to me!