Friday, March 2, 2012

Last night I saw Fran Lebowitz!

After watching Public Speaking on HBO I was so excited when I found out Fran Lebowitz was going to be in town! Luckily my dear friend Angi said she would go see her with me because Fran was AWESOME! There was a short interview to kick off the evening, and then she said, "I will now answer your questions in an entertaining way." Questions From the Audience Time was the majority of the show, and was also the best part. Some of my favorite entertaining things she said I wrote down.

Regarding Rick Santorum: It's clear to me that he must have home schooled himself.

Regarding corporations as people: Most people I know are not people. How could corporations be people?

Regarding shopping: I hate to shop because when I go other people are there.

Regarding reading: I'm, like, this slut of literature.

Angi's favorite was when Fran was asked, What is America's greatest asset? and she said, The Constitution.

After we had our fill of laughing our asses off with a room full of liberals I decided I should see if her book was for sale. Because I don't have enough books. Not only was it for sale, but she was already out there signing them! Sweet!

Even though I handed my camera to some hired hand to take my picture with Fran, I kind of forgot he was going to take a picture, leading to my hastily posed photo. I think her expression is the best.

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auntangi said...

so much fun! thank you for planning and for the book : )