Tuesday, July 24, 2012

fun on a fridge

I found these magnets at Target the other day and couldn't resist because I'm a sucker for typography.
Of course when I got home I had to start labeling everything on the fridge redundantly.

Our fur niece (actually this label might help because when people see this picture they say, What is that?!):

Declaration of Love:
Colored by one of my students from last year (considering buying another set, but using Legos as Ls for now):
And then I had a creepy thought...what if a ghost started leaving messages with the letters like in Bag of Bones?!
I read this book by Stephen King earlier this summer with the Stephen King group on LibraryThing.
It's about this bestselling author whose wife, pregnant unbeknownst to him, randomly dies. After slipping into the expected state of depression for a few years Mike starts having bad dreams about his lake house. He finally packs up and heads out there even though his realistic nightmares scare the shit out of him.

Mike spends the rest of the story entangled in small town drama while trying to decipher what the ghosts in his lake house are trying to communicate to him. It's really creepy!

I remember reading lots of scary stories during the summer as a kid. I could not get enough. Reading Bag of Bones brought back some of that nostalgia for me while fulfilling my Thriller requirement for the Eclectic Reader Challenge.

P.S. I learned a new phrase from this book: shank's mare. He said a child was trying to go to the beach by shank's mare, which means by one's own legs. I think I'll ask students to go slowly by shank's mare in the hall this year.


Rhubarb said...

What great magnets! Target you say?

Anonymous said...

Love the magnets! I am glad you enjoyed Bag of Bones, thanks for sharing your review for the Eclectic Reader Challenge!

Shelleyrae @ Book'd out