Thursday, July 26, 2012

superheroes and villains

I finally took down my Avengers collection of Pez the other day.
There is no Black Widow Pez. No love for the women superheroes.

I mentioned to my friend and fellow Joss fan Angi that the only one I was missing was Captain America. I found him waiting as a surprise in our mailbox a few days later! So nice.

We went to The Dark Knight Rises last weekend so I put my Batman Pez on display. The first Batman on the left is limited edition -- his symbol is on the stem and usually the stems are plain. I still took him out of his package because I think it's more fun that way.
Batman came with me to the movie and shared candy with us. He was also a sort of talisman against random gun violence. We took pictures outside the theater after rehashing the movie with our friends. I like all the different Batman shirts.
When we got home I remembered I had an old DC Superheroes scrapbook paper book. You can tell I've had it for a really long time because the papers are 8.5"x11". I always scrap 12"x12" so I would never buy a book of paper in that size now. I made it work anyway and cut out Batman and Catwoman from there to make them work on my 12x12 layout. Actually I kind of enjoy cutting out those intricate things.

I wanted my journaling in a comic book font so I got out The Watchmen for reference and started practicing. If I could sum up the tricks to writing in comic book font I would say use all capitals, and pick up your pen after each line you draw to make a letter. Also line the edges of the journaling square with black ink or put a mat underneath.

The alphabet stickers are made by Stickopotamus and I'm sorry to report that the adhesive wasn't holding them on the page so I had to glue them. That's the 2nd time that's happened in the last few weeks. I'm starting to worry I'm going to open my scrapbooks in 20 years and everything will be at the bottom of the page protector.

This may be the fastest I've ever gotten my pictures scrapped!

Did you go see The Dark Knight Rises? Did you like it too?

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Leintje* said...

Those candy things are so FUNNY! I had one when I was little (a hello kitty one). This brings me back in time...

Have fun!

Love from The Netherlands,