Thursday, July 12, 2012

Project Life Week 16

I've been working on my Project but just haven't been posting them. Time to catch up.
This is my favorite week visually so far. It finally worked out that the first photo on the page was Monday so I worked to put the week cohesively on 2 pages.
I got the Days of the Week border tape at a scrapbook convention. Thursday is spelled wrong which is one of the reasons I stopped going to those conventions. Luckily it's nothing any crafter worth her scissors can't fix! Despite that I liked using the border tape for this week because it tied everything together so nicely.
Monday was my day to watch Amazing Race. I like including pop culture in my Project. Even though t.v. isn't the most important thing in my life there are certain shows I look forward to after a long day and I think it will be nice to remember them when I'm older. The journaling is on a page from a Smash Pad, one of the few things I haven't been able to resist purchasing for this Project. I got the photo from the Amazing Race website.
This week I also spontaneously went to a Florence + the Machine concert with my friends. It seems like I never go to concerts but I've been to a lot more lately. We had a lot of fun and Florence was astounding!
On Saturday we met our friends at Organ Stop Pizza, featuring the largest pipe organ in Arizona. The pizza wasn't anything to blog about but I got to hear Bohemian Rhapsody on a pipe organ and nothing can top that.
Tuesday documents our ongoing flood light battle with our neighbors. Wednesday features the first student in my class to complete level Z on our timed tests. I bribed the kids with a Happy Meal from McDonalds or a book from the book order if they passed. She chose McDonalds and it's only the 2nd time she's ever had it! I wish you could see her picture -- she's so cute! Thursday I took pictures of my kids in front of the new murals a volunteer painted at our school to include with our thank yous. Also super-cute of the kids. Stop by my house sometime and I can show you. Saturday morning I helped at the track meet and one of my former students won 2 medals! Saturday evening and Sunday morning we drained and filled our pool.

That's my week!

P.S. Here is Nerd Nest's week 16.

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Megan Anderson said...

Love it! I understand about getting behind on the posting. Sometimes I feel like I spend more time blogging about it than I do actually doing it.