Saturday, June 8, 2013

Project Life March

This weekend documents getting a card from Corey, the books I purchased at the VNSA book sale, a knitting night with my friend Audrey, and picking weeds in the front yard.

Usually I remember to snap a pic of Audrey with her knitting project when we get together, but this time I forgot. Instead I used a picture of a giant ball of yarn I had saved from a magazine on the left side. On the right side I put my journaling on the packaging from some clothespins I purchased on a Target run we made together. The packaging was so cute that I had to save it from the recycle bin! My favorite part is at the top where I wrote the new knitting moves/pattern I learned that night: k2, yo, sl1, k2tog, psso, yo, k1.

The 3 spaces next to Saturday are devoted to Sunday.

First I used a letter from the HOA as my journaling space. They left a space for comments so I commented! We decided on our own that we needed to pick weeds on that Sunday. Later in the week I finally got around to opening what I thought was junk mail, but it was the HOA letter which coincidentally set that Sunday as the deadline to get our weeds taken care of! Phew.

While picking weeds I noticed we have a friend nesting in our mesquite tree. Birds love that tree and I wonder if it's the same one that nested there last year.

And a "before" shot of our yard. Notice the patterned paper I used in the back. Probably one of the first pieces I ever bought and when I think about using it for a traditional scrapbook page I see why I still have it. However, I think it works great for this kind of Project.

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auntangi said...

I am very jealous of the giant ball of yard photo!