Monday, September 3, 2012

I got cat class & I got cat style

Scrapping the Music challenges us to use Stray Cat Strut by the Stray Cats as inspiration. Haven't heard that song in awhile but I like it! Listening to it again made me think of the wacky cat my niece and I saw napping against the glass in a store's window display 4 years ago:
Definitely a cat with cat class and cat style! I used 1 piece of patterned paper, 2 cardstock photo mats, 2 cat stickers, 2 cat brads, Basic Grey letter stickers & punch outs, and 1 cat die cut to journal on.

Since I had all those old pictures dug out I decided to make a companion page for our day of shopping on "Mass Street." It was easy to put together - 5 pictures and a giant sticker on 1 page!

I bought the evolution sticker in the shape of Kansas that day. It came from 80 Acres Art.


Sharon Fritchey said...

I love your Cat Class page!!! That cat was amazing! You did a wonderful job with the challenge. Thank you for playing along with STM! Oh, and I love your companion page, too!

yyam said...

How fun are these! Great way to document a fabulous day! I especially love the photo of the cat napping!

P/s: Would you consider turning off word verification? I have it turned off and have no problem with spam.

Captain Nick Sparrow said...

I think I did it -- thank you for pointing that out to me yyam. I hate those things!

Jessica Sporn said...

I love this page. That cat definitely is not wasting time chasing mice around! How funny.

Her said...

I love the page! Especially the photo's of the cat make me smile!