Sunday, September 23, 2012

Project Life Week 24

This week documents picking weeds, having a few friends + their puppies over for swimming, my parents first time swimming in our pool, Stellaluna's 2nd obedience class, Captain getting his shots updated, and the 4th of July.
I had a whole page of journaling blocks in the shape of garden items. I used the trowel even though I pulled by hand.
I'm so glad I took a picture of Stellaluna at the beginning of every obedience class. In her first picture she was frantically climbing up my leg. Here she is already sitting.

I had so much fun journaling around the design of this scrap of patterned paper. This Project is good for play.

I liked trying to journal inside the circles.
This one was fun and easy. I used star patterned paper and a 4 glitter sticker to pair with my annual photograph of my American flag shoes on the 4th. I usually don't get to scrap these photos which is another reason why I love this Project!
This week documents some books I read, a 4th of July party at Joe and Jon's, a couple of pack walks, our friends helping make the most awesome dinner at the 4th of July party, and Stellaluna's 3rd obedience class.
On this day I finished a book and started a new book. How could I fit 2 photos in 1 picture? I read this tutorial at Nerd Nest. I have an older version of Photoshop than she does but I was still able to figure it out using her instructions. I added some border tape on the left hand side after I printed it out.

For fans of Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood: The prequel, Ya-Yas in Bloom, is a lighthearted supplement to the story. I was emotionally scarred by Little Altars Everywhere. If you felt the same way, don't let that experience spoil Ya-Yas in Bloom for you. It's safe.

This is from a fashion spread in a magazine. I just trimmed and stamped. Also whenever I use this Manganese Blue paint I have to say IT'S MY FAVORITE COLOR TO STAMP WITH! It's dark yet translucent.
Look! Her first class where she's not focused on me! Having the courage to look around is a good sign.

And now I can't stop journaling in circles.

P.S. Here is Nerd Nest's week 24.


Megan Anderson said...

I'm so glad the tutorial worked for you! I had a lot of people asking how I did it, but I know a lot of people don't have photoshop, so I didn't know how helpful it would be. Resizing things and making photo collages is the most useful thing I've learned in Photoshop, for sure.

I love that you're taking obedience class shots: it's going to be so fun to watch the transformation!

auntangi said...

So much cool stuff! I am totally stealing journaling in circles because that is brilliant! And well done Stellaluna : ) P.S. I love your American flag shoes