Saturday, September 15, 2012

Project Life Week 23

Summer time! Ah it sure was nice to have all that free time!
This week documents a taking my cousin to his first baseball game, getting a facial, Corey's 40th birthday, the dogs sleeping together on the couch, cat sitting, and buying the new Fiona Apple cd.

I used a piece of a border sticker and a scrap that I tested a stamp on to put it together.

Here I just added some number stickers.
My friend Angi gave me these stickers with words on them, which I use to add a quick accent.
I didn't get any pictures of the kitties this time, so I used a magazine ad for Basic Grey and another cute word sticker.
When I opened my new Fiona Apple cd it had some postcards inside. I included the cutest here.
This week documents my nephew's birthday, Stellaluna's first obedience class, our 13th anniversary, a birthday dinner with my friend Stephanie, and hanging out with my friend Jon.
The story behind our anniversary pictures is...we went to Filiberto's for lunch. On the way in we saw an old mini cooper so I took Corey's picture next to it. On the way out there was a new mini cooper parked in the same spot so Corey took my picture next to it. This is what delights us after 13 years.

I was so glad I took a picture of Stellaluna at each obedience class. You can really see a change in her each time. Here at our first class she is climbing up my leg in terror.

While I was at Jon's house Joe texted him and asked that we send a picture of what we were doing. So we held up my scissors and sent a cute picture. Then Corey and Joe texted a mocking picture of them reading A Feast for Crows together. Ha ha! I used a Smash pad page for journaling.
P.S. Here is Nerd Nest's week 23.

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